The love you deserve

By Beloved

Finding your equal partner for the purpose of spiritual growth

Everyone wants to be loved and accepted. But how do we find that special partner who shows us unconditional love and will see us as beautiful as we are?

How do we find the one who won’t want to change us into his or her idea of who we should be? is this all possible? The answer is yes.

You can experience true love on this planet called earth. You can find your spiritual partner and enjoy a beautiful romantic relationship. But there is a catch. Finding your spiritual partner is an inside job. The reality is that you must first find true love within yourself. How can you expect to be treated with love, kindness and respect when you are not giving that to yourself? Your relationships in the world are a direct reflection of your relationship with yourself.

What we believe determines what we make true. We have been loaded with erroneous concepts that block our good. The reason why many marriages fail is because people enter the relationship with limiting beliefs and burdens of old pain. They create their relationships based on preconceived notions and on experiences of the past. In order to enjoy healthy relationships, it is important to clear disruptive emotional patterns, release faulty thoughts and heal old pain.

In addition, we must understand that we are ever evolving beings. Today’s man cares about the earth, the young and the elderly. Today’s woman is seeking self-empowerment and doesn’t need a man to protect her. The two sexes are more similar than different and both yearn for the same - a truthful relationship that allows them to relax and be themselves, a union that is an uplifting, fulfilling and satisfying experience. It is of utmost importance to understand that this applies to both straight men and women, as well as gay and lesbian individuals. True love is not discriminating. It is available to all, regardless of gender, social background, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

With the lucidity and peace that healing brings, we can set clear intentions that can attract us to our spiritual partner. However, for this to be possible, we must include the wisdom of the heart. Love is a healing energy too potent to be ignored. As the lyrics from the song “The Power of the Dream” tell us, “your mind will take you far, the rest is just your heart. Your fate is all your own creation.”

We are the architects of our own reality and when we embrace the greatness within us, we have access to the infinite forces of creation. True power, love and wisdom are in the heart, and it is there in its depths that the answer to our quest resides. If we focus within and trust, we shall find what we have been seeking for so long. And when we fully embrace the divine love that lies within us, we then attract its equal in human form.

Beloved is a spiritual healer and a transformational relationship specialist. She is the creator of “The Miracle Program” which has helped thousands of people live more fulfilling and passionate lives. Beloved has a private healing practice in New York City and Hawaii, where she helps her clients find their true love. To learn more about Beloved’s work visit:


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